Llore is a folk faerie songstress who weaves tales and creates musical portals to transport listeners to other worlds. Soaring vocals and careful storytelling dance among precise guitar picking, autoharp, mandolin, and sparkling electric guitar riffs. In 2017, Llore released her debut EP, Fictional Creature, “a folk endeavor that transports the listener to a quiet fireside in the woods, listening to stories, passed down through generations, that seek to captivate, fascinate and frighten. These four tracks, the work of songwriter Amanda Collins, could haunt the ruins of ancient castles and mansions, long abandoned and now covered in moss.” - Meg Fair of the Pittsburgh City Paper. Llore is originally from the forests and rivers of Pennsylvania, and now resides in Los Angeles where you can find her playing and singing.

Her songs are influenced by fantasy, mythology, folklore and the idea of stories passed down and transformed through generations of retelling through the art of song. They are often influenced by her spiritual journey while remaining grounded in this world. Musical influences include Fairport Convention, Joan Baez, and Vashti Bunyan, to name a few.

This past year Llore has been active in Los Angeles playing at local venues including Hotel Cafe and KXLU radio station. She is continuing to write new music and is currently growing her project into a full band.